• Why Double Degree with Law

    • The DDP is a five-year honours programme offered jointly by Yale-NUS College and Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore (NUS Law), for those seeking both a broad liberal arts education and professional training in the law.

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    • Our DDP Students

    • The DDP at Yale-NUS College attracts a diverse set of students with a wide variety of interests - check out our student profiles, and why they chose to embark on the DDP!

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    • Our Students' Experiences

    • Our students engage with their interdisciplinary interests in Law & Liberal Arts outside the classroom through internships, study abroad opportunities, and involvement in student organisations. Check out these exciting opportunities!

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    • Questions about the DDP?

    • Check out our FAQ section for perspectives and answers provided by DDP students and alumni!

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  • 08 August 2020

    Genessa Chew, Shafreen Fatimah, Tristan Koh (all from Class of 2022) and Sophie Ang (Class of 2020) were Second Runner-ups in the National University of Singapore (NUS) Legal Technology Competition in Semester 2 of Academic Year 2019/2020.

    Their solution, FOOM (Form Zoom), is an automated document assembly program that assists Litigants-in-Persons in filing their claims under the Protection from Harassment Act. The competition was organised by NUS Law’s legal technology interest group, Alt+Law, and sponsored by WongPartnership. Congrats Team!

    Link for more info: https://www.wongpartnership.com/news/detail/legal-technology-competition-supported-by-wongpartnership-garners-innovative-ideas-from-students

  • 23 July 2020
    Jiang Zhifeng (Law & Liberal Arts Major) had his paper on cyber operations and international law accepted for publication by the LSE Law Review, a law student-run law journal endorsed by the LSE Law Department. The paper was also awarded the LSE Prize for Best Current Submission. Zhifeng developed this paper as part of an independent research study he conducted under the supervision of Assistant Professor Rohan Mukherjee. Congratulations, Zhifeng!
  • 18 May 2020

    Congratulations to the DDP Class of 2020: Tan Yan Ru, Jamie Lee, Lim Jun Rong, Louis Ngia, Chong Ren Jie, Annette Yeo, Elizabeth Teoh, Jessica Sam, Jo-Ann Heng, and Teoh Qi En.

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    • Alumnus, Class of 2018
    • Daniel Ng
    What is the best reason for embarking on the DDP?

    You’ll be joining a close, supportive community of people with more than a keen interest in law. The DDP community never ceases to amaze me, with many being deeply interested in other intellectual disciplines, music, sports, the arts, activism, technology, politics and more. This intellectual diversity is well-complemented with the common pursuit of a legal education, which leads to many very insightful interactions and learning experiences. Furthermore, this diverse yet supportive community is one where students share resources, learn from each other, and grow together in school and beyond!

    • Associate Professor of Law, DDP Head of Studies
    • Lynette J. Chua
    What sets DDP students apart from the rest?

    As a scholar trained in the interdisciplinary study of law, I am excited about the DDP in Law and Liberal Arts, because it gives students opportunities to explore the intersections of law and many of the academic disciplines and fields of study in liberal arts, from the social sciences to the arts, humanities and sciences. DDP students do not simply study law from the ‘lawyer’s’ perspective. They learn to open their hearts and minds to the many ways of interrogating law’s place in the social worlds that they live and will live in. DDP students are the most creative, intellectually interesting, and inspiring undergraduates I have worked with, taught and mentored.

    • Alumnus, Class of 2019
    • Daryl Yang
    What makes the DDP stand out from other programmes?

    Karl Marx once said, “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is to change it.” The DDP offers a unique opportunity for students to become both philosopher and changemaker. The dual education equips us with the knowledge to understand our world and the skills to change it. Through the diverse works of thinkers past and present, the liberal arts curriculum helps you to develop a critical mind and ask why. At the same time, law school equips you with the know-how to advance and secure justice to forge a better, fairer society.