Declaring a Major at Yale-NUS

Double Degree Programme (DDP) students do not declare a major during the Yale-NUS College Major Declaration Exercise. This is because declaring a major is generally not applicable to DDP students as they are concurrently pursuing a law degree.

However, DDP students may petition to the Committee on Academic Standards (CAS) via their Residential College’s Assistant Dean, Dean of Students Office, during the final semester of their candidature for an assessment to have a Liberal Arts major recognised by the College on an exceptional basis. The DDP student’s petition must demonstrate conclusively that all of the requirements for the major, including capstone requirements, have been fulfilled. In addition,

  1. The written and signed petition should be submitted by way of the Assistant Dean to the Secretariat of the CAS during Instructional Week Three of Year Five, Semester Two. Petitions submitted before or after this period will not be accepted.
  2. The petition must include a signed letter from the Head of Studies of the Liberal Arts major indicating that the student is on track to complete all of the requirements for the major, including the capstone.
  3. The CAS’ decision, in relation to the recognition or non‐recognition of a Liberal Arts major, is final.

The College will not facilitate any additional resources or timetable adjustments to ensure that a DDP student is able to fulfil the requirements of a particular Liberal Arts major. Students should also note that the capstone module in a Liberal Arts major might require students to complete prerequisite modules in that major, or to participate in a seminar or other requirements as part of the capstone.

Modules in the approved list of Combined Law and Liberal Arts Electives in the DDP programme are counted toward both the Law and Liberal Arts degrees, and therefore may be used to satisfy requirements of the Liberal Arts major, if approval is granted by the relevant Liberal Arts Heads of Studies.

DDP students are strongly advised to consult the Head of Studies for DDP Law and Liberal Arts to discuss if pursuing a potential Liberal Arts major is in line with their academic or career aspirations.

 Alternatively, DDP students have the option of minoring in one of the fourteen majors at Yale-NUS, if a minor is offered. DDP students also have the option of minoring in one of the independent minor programmes.