May 13 Revisited: 50 Years of Silence with Director Tham Seen Hau

10 February 2020 (Mon), 12nn-1:30pm
At Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre

The May 13, 1969, race riots of Malaysia left a lasting impact on constitutional law, affirmative action and race politics in the country, and opened a national wound that has yet to heal after half a century. With the incident shrouded in taboo and trauma, families whose loved ones died in the tragedy have remained voiceless for decades, The Ngs were a family of 10 who lost five family members. The surviving family members have never spoken about the tragedy — until this documentary when the director interviewed them individually, slowly piecing together fragments of a buried memory.

Join director Tham Seen Hau & Malaysia’s Freedom Film Network producer Brenda Danker for a screening and discussion of “50 Years of Silence”.