Racialised Legalities: The Making of the Global Colour-line in the Modern British Empire

25 August 2020 (Tue), 12:00PM-1:15PM
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This talk is jointly organised by Elm Rector’s Tea, DDP and the Anti-Racism Initiative.

Taking a leaf from Du Bois’ observations on the the problem of the global colour-line, this talk will examine the changing significance of race and the “rule of law” in the remaking of the British Empire after the abolition of slavery. Treating colonial law and legality as a central object of empirical investigation, the talk will interrogate how the “rule of law” was remade into the “rule of difference” as the social grounds of empire shifted under its feet.

Dr. Jin Gary Lee is Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology and Legal Studies at Kenyon College, USA. His research and teaching examine the significance of culture, law and politics in the social processes of state-making and governance.