Study Abroad

Semester Study Abroad

DDP students may embark on exchange programmes in Year Four Semester 2. They may choose to apply for a Semester Abroad Programme with the Centre for International & Professional Experience (CIPE) at Yale-NUS, or for the Student Exchange Programme (SEP) with NUS Law.
Semester Abroad Programme with CIPE at Yale-NUS
CIPE is partnered with universities all over the world, which DDP students may apply to for a Semester Study Abroad. Check out the list of options that CIPE has available.
Student Exchange Programme (SEP) with NUS Law
NUS Law has partnered with numerous law schools across the world, presenting exciting opportunities for DDP students to study in a foreign jurisdiction and understand how different legal systems work. More details on the SEP offered by NUS Law can be found here.

See Semester Abroad Information for further details regarding application timelines and regulations, and other curriculum considerations that are relevant for students going on exchange.

Summer Study Abroad

DDP students may also embark on summer programmes during their summer vacations. CIPE at Yale-NUS offers numerous scholarships for students to pursue enriching summer opportunities, which can be found here. Our DDP students have attended many programmes including but not limited to:

Student Experiences

UC Berkeley Summer Session (Summer Study Abroad)

Joanne Ho (Class of 2022) shares her Summer Study Abroad experience at UC Berkeley in Summer 2019.

I ventured to UC Berkeley over the summer to take classes on film theory using the CIPE Summer Academic Scholarship. The classes I chose were History and Theory of Ethnographic Film and Film and Media Studies. Film studies is something I’ve always loved and needless to say, is hardly related to the law. I still think there’s a lot of value in furthering my knowledge in the area although this may not fit as neatly into a career narrative, unlike an interest in international relations or economics.

Therefore, summer school presents a unique opportunity because unlike most of the Yale-NUS and law electives, you can pick summer school study as you please and choose institutions which offer more niche areas of study. Moreover, I believe the opportunity to experience learning environments (outside of Yale-NUS and NUS) should be taken at least once in anyone’s DDP career. Thus, I spent six weeks watching and discussing films with an incredibly diverse group of people; namely, a 70+ year old, Chinese internationals, fellow Southeast Asians, high schoolers, graduate students, and all types of Californians. It was really, really fun to explore subjects I am interested in with people I am otherwise unlikely to encounter in Singapore.

Yale University (Semester Study Abroad)

Jo-Ann Heng (Class of 2020) shares her Semester Study Abroad experience at Yale University in Spring 2019.

For my Semester Abroad, I headed to Yale for a full course load of Classics classes as I had been working towards a minor in Global Antiquity back in Yale-NUS. I chose Yale because it had a strong Classics department and also because, after my time in NUS Law and Yale-NUS and their intimate learning experiences, I was really curious about life in a large university. My time in Yale was particularly fascinating because it gave me insight into the inner workings of a university Classics department, and allowed me to cultivate relationships not only with the PhD student teaching assistants who were running the seminars; but also have riveting conversations with professors about their research outside of the classes they were leading.

Yale’s Classics department, which is located in the beautiful 19th century building at Phelps Gate on Old Campus, also had a very collegiate environment, which felt very welcoming. I attended several department-wide events over the semester, such as a series of guest lectures in celebration of the department’s Philology Day. A personal highlight from my semester abroad was definitely attending the talk given by Professor Emily Wilson, who has recently published her ground-breaking translation of The Odyssey, and who is someone I am still thrilled to have met in person.

Pomona College (Semester Study Abroad)

Teoh Qi En (Class of 2020) shares her Semester Study Abroad experience at Pomona College in Spring 2019.

I studied abroad at Pomona College in Spring 2019. I took liberal arts courses spanning law and literature, Japanese media, and East Asian religions. I also got to learn about my capstone interest (law and literature) while getting a lovely dose of the small liberal arts college experience. In my free time, I hiked, went on camping trips around Southern California, and took a tennis class.

(Photo Credits: Jeremy Snyder)