Programme Description

Double Degree Programme (DDP) students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) degree from Yale-NUS College and a Bachelor of Laws (with Honours) degree from the NUS Law. In the first year of their studies, DDP students will read Yale-NUS Common Curriculum courses throughout the year alongside LL4146V Law & Society, an NUS Law course designed for DDP students, in the second semester. DDP students will complete the remaining Common Curriculum courses throughout their second, third and fourth years while taking core and elective courses at NUS Law. Students are also eligible to participate in a semester abroad in their fourth year, but should organise their modules in advance to avoid any clashes with graduation requirements. In their final year, students will finish their electives in both Yale-NUS and NUS Law, while also writing their capstone. The capstone is a research and writing project on a topic that fuses their education in both the law and liberal arts.

Yale-NUS modules are conducted on Yale-NUS College premises, whereas NUS Law courses are taught at the NUS Bukit Timah Campus (BTC). Students have the option of travelling to BTC by NUS shuttle bus from the bus stop at the NUS Museum, or by the DDP students’ shuttle bus, which is provided based on the level of demand.

As part of a residential liberal arts college, students are required to live on the Yale-NUS College campus for the first four years of the DDP, alongside the larger Yale-NUS community. In their final year, DDP students may apply for housing if they so desire.



Core Curriculum 

Under the Double Degree Programme, students will be expected to complete the core curriculum in both Yale-NUS and NUS Law.

  YNC Core Curriculum NUS Law Core Modules
Year 1 YCC1111 Literature and Humanities 1

YCC1113 Philosophy and Political Thought 1

YCC1122 Quantitative Reasoning

YCC1121 Comparative Social Inquiry

YCC1112 Literature and Humanities 2

YCC1114 Philosophy and Political Thought 2

YCC1131 Scientific Inquiry 1

LL4146V Law and Society
Year 2 YCC2137 Scientific Inquiry 2 LC1001 Criminal Law

LC1003 Law of Contract

LC1004 Law of Torts

LC1016 Legal Analysis, Research and Communication

LC1025 Singapore Law in Context


Year 3 Historical Immersion

YCC2121 Modern Social Thought

LC1002 Introduction to Legal Theory

LC2004 Principles of Property Law

LC2007 Constitutional and Administrative Law

LC2010 Legal Systems of Asia

LC2009 Pro Bono Services

Year 4 LC2006 Equity and Trusts

LC2008 Company Law

Year 5 LC3001 Evidence

Capstone course in Law and Liberal Arts


DDP students will also take elective courses at both Yale-NUS and NUS Law.

  • Yale-NUS: 40MC
  • NUS Law: 8-10MC
  • Combined Law and Liberal Arts (CLLA): 14-15MC

In addition, LLB students from Cohort AY2014/2015 onwards must complete at least one law elective module from the Civil Law cluster list. For DDP students, the Civil Law elective could be taken to fulfill (1) the Law Elective requirement OR (2) the CLLA Elective requirement; for the latter, DDP students must ensure that the Civil Law elective is approved by both Yale-NUS and NUS Law as a CLLA Elective. More details regarding the approval request can be found here.

More details regarding the schedule of modules taken throughout the five-year programme can be found here.