Why the Double Degree with Law?

The Double Degree Programme in Law and Liberal Arts (DDP) is a five-year honours programme offered jointly by Yale-NUS College and Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore (NUS Law), for those seeking both a broad liberal arts education and professional training in the law. Students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) degree from Yale-NUS College and a Bachelor of Laws (with Honours) degree from NUS Law.

Designed for intellectually driven and globally minded students, the DDP provides students with the best of both worlds­ – a rigorous, interdisciplinary legal education in a residential liberal arts setting. The DDP naturally attracts students of the highest calibre who seek to engage multiple disciplines, but who also want to ground their education with professional legal training. The simultaneous academic breadth and depth offered in the DDP would best suit intellectually curious students who are interested in both the fundamental legal underpinnings of society, and the big ideas that have shaped legal thought.

DDP students will be trained to engage with cross-disciplinary endeavours with a big picture perspective and critical analytical skills applicable in the legal industry and beyond. This especially prepares individuals for careers that require detailed expertise along with an awareness of macro-level developments.

In addition to the core academic programme, DDP students have access to faculty members, resources and opportunities at both Yale-NUS and NUS Law, thus augmenting their avenues for exploration and growth. Beyond academics and career-related activities, DDP students also enjoy opportunities and freedom to explore their non-academic interests through the co-curricular activities and student associations in both institutions.

Finally, the rigour and versatility of the DDP is recognised by a wide plethora of organisations. This can be seen with recent graduates securing jobs not just in local and international law firms, but also in the private, public and non-governmental sectors. Other graduates have also secured scholarships and are/will be pursuing graduate studies around the world in various fields.

❯ See Yale-NUS Admissions FAQs for more information regarding the DDP admissions process.