Withdrawal from the DDP

Students who wish to withdraw from the Double Degree Programme in Law and Liberal Arts (DDP) are to note the following:

  1. You must consult both your Assistant Dean (AD) and the DDP Head of Studies (HoS) prior to initiating the withdrawal process from the DDP. Withdrawal from Yale-NUS College includes withdrawal from the DDP as well.
  2. You must submit the Consultation Form with the relevant portions completed and signed by your AD and HoS to Yale-NUS Registry as evidence of the consultation required in Note 1 above.
  3. Take your time to consult your AD, HoS and other people before making your decision to withdraw. As soon as the administrative processes for withdrawal from the DDP are completed, you will be deemed to have officially withdrawn and will not be allowed to reinstate your DDP status.
  4. Effective date of withdrawal: If you submit the Consultation Form together with the other required forms for withdrawal to Registry before 5 pm, Friday, in Week 2 of the semester, the withdrawal will take effect that semester. If you submit the forms to Registry after this deadline, the withdrawal will take effect the following semester. Once the withdrawal has taken effect, by default, all completed law modules from past semesters will count towards the fulfilment of Yale-NUS elective requirements. Your CAP will change accordingly.
  5. Once you withdraw from the DDP, you must declare a major, if you have not yet done so. All students are required to participate in the major declaration exercise held in Semester 2 of their second year.